Russian Energy Week 2021
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03.09.2021 в 16:48
The Russian Energy Week International Forum will take place on 13-15 october 2021. 

The Forum is being held to demonstrate the prospects of the Russian fuel and energy industry to unlock the potential of international cooperation in energy. The Forum will serve as a platform for a discussion of the main challenges faced by the energy sector and topical problems involving the development of:

  •          the gas industry;
  •          the oil industry;
  •          the coal industry;
  •          petrochemistry;
  •          electricity;
  •          nuclear power;
  •          hydropower;
  •          renewable source of power (RESOP);
  •          energy conservation and increased energy efficiency.

For more information on the outcomes of REW 2019, see the Outcomes of REW 2019 section or visit the official Forum's website: .

The Forum is operated by the Roscongress Foundation: